The Bereco group has rebranded with an environmental focus.

Since 2003 Bereco has been supplying performance engineered timber windows and doors to housebuilders and developers primarily supplying to new build homes around the UK.

In 2010 Bereco Retail was added to the now Bereco Group and for the first time the group started talking to homeowners as well as companies.

Kirsty Cox, general manager for Bereco Retail, said: “With the introduction of Bereco Retail it brought into focus for us that the owner of the home we are supplying windows to is just as much our customer as the trade company to which we sell. It was with this realisation that we began to change the way we market ourselves.

“Reconnecting with our roots and why the company was started has been the main objective in our rebrand. We want to be a brand that people can connect with and a company that stands with their customers in protecting our planet. Our rebranding brings this ethos front and centre.”

Approximately one quarter of CO2 emissions in the UK reportedly come from housing, and so in making timber windows and doors for UK homes, Bereco sees a great responsibility to ensure its products are both sustainable and energy efficient.

Kirsty added: “We want to tell ‘our story,’ who we are as a business and why we do what we do and so to facilitate this we have refreshed our company logo and our website now showcases a new look and new pages. Our customers will find more information than ever before on how we make our windows and doors, where the timber comes from and how we are counting the carbon impact of our windows and doors.

Catherine Hadwick, environmental project manager, said: “The idea behind the logo was really to freshen up the brand keeping the modern edge whilst also going back to our roots. Our original logo used natural colouring but over the years had a few facelifts and lost its identity a little. We have brought this nature based colour pallet back to the face of our brand to really showcase our environmental status.”

Bereco is also now partnering with World Land Trust to help raise funds to support its vital conservation work around the world. The company already only uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 100% timber in the manufacture of its windows and doors.