Miracle Seal is a product brought to the wider construction world by CTEC, the creators of CT1 sealant.

CT1-The Snag List Eliminator has been crowned the number one sealant in the UK, after around 25 independent tests awarded by various associations such as The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, ETAG 022, EC1, ISEGA and EC1.

Fixing leaks in radiators, boilers and engines has always been a problem, due to the need for cooling system panels when trying to locate leaks.

Miracle Seal is a scientifically created product to cure all water leaks in the heating system, in both open and closed systems. There are some products on the market to cure weeps, but Miracle Seal will fix leaks permanently without blocking the system – guaranteed. It is non-adhesive based unlike polymer-based alternatives, so it is chemically impossible to clog the system. Miracle Seal will work effectively on metal and plastic pipes and is compatible with anti-freeze, so it is effective in repairing leaks in solar panels. This product has saved thousands of pounds on potential repairs on many occasions.

Tim Clarke from Manor Plumbing carries out emergency insurance repairs where the ability to resolve a fault quickly is high priority. He said: “When we go out to heating systems with leaks and pressure loss issues, we would, after all visual checks, then have to look for ‘hidden’ leaks. Now, once we’ve confirmed there are no visible leaks, we add a bottle of Miracle Seal, and to date – we’ve used the product over 20 times – we have had a 100% success rate.”

The business found that other internal leak sealing products clogged pipework and pumps. With Miracle Seal, the systems run away as normal, and more importantly don’t leak after using the product.

The product has saved thousands of pounds for homeowners, plumbers, facility managers, building contractors and developers – particularly in winter, when call-outs are high. It is an excellent product for heritage listed buildings which have old boilers. Can’t find the leak without ruining original wood or stone? Use Miracle Seal.

Go to www.ct1ltd.com to see applications and various case studies.