Can’t wait for PVCu? Aluminium windows & doors available from Abcell in just 3-4 weeks


Abcell is encouraging installers to think differently to combat current lead time issues on PVCu products. With WarmCore and AluK windows and doors available from Abcell in just 3-4 weeks, this is the perfect time to push the many benefits of aluminium to homeowners.

When it comes to the retail market, aluminium windows and doors have traditionally been thought of as the more expensive option. However, the rising popularity of aluminium means that this is no longer the case, with these premium products now available at affordable prices.

“Coronavirus has had a profound effect on the glazing industry and some supply chains are struggling to catch up with the production deficit caused by the lockdown,” says Neville Gleed, Operations Director at Abcell. “The supply of resin has been impacted particularly hard, causing long lead times on PVCu products.

“For installers looking to fulfil busy order books, now is the ideal time to switch homeowners to upgrade to premium aluminium windows and doors without overstretching their budgets. This means that they can get better products without having to wait for an extended period of time.

“The many benefits of aluminium are well known. Homeowners want large expanses of glass and aluminium fits the bill perfectly, providing a strong solution with sleek, stylish sightlines. Also, because it’s such a durable material, aluminium windows and doors can last up to 45 years and can then be fully recycled at their end of life.

“As the UK’s largest trade manufacturer of WarmCore, as well as fabricators of AluK, Abcell offers a wide range of thermally efficient aluminium products that are available in just 3-4 weeks, at prices that won’t scare off your customers.”

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