Energy saving vital for consumers as winter of discontent approaches

With massive price hikes from major energy suppliers this winter and beyond, keeping the heat in will be a priority for consumers. Here, Ian Cowling, Sales Director of Eco-Logic Roofing Systems, the company behind the revolutionary all-timber thermal-efficient Warm Roof Pro conservatory roof system, discusses why installers must be offering the most energy efficient home improvement products.

The price of gas has soared in recent months, putting several energy suppliers out of business, and saw all the major energy suppliers confirm huge price increases to their standard variable tariffs from the beginning of October last year.

As energy prices continue to skyrocket, and with energy companies going bust affecting just under 1.5 million households, homeowners are set to face a winter of discontent.

According to figures from Oil & Gas UK, the price of wholesale gas has surged by 250% since the beginning of the year, and with the increase in energy bills this winter expected to be followed by an even larger energy bill rise from next April, consumers are fully aware of the need to cut their energy spending.

The good news for installers is consumers will be turning to home improvements to help insulate their homes – and it’s vital that installers, builders, and roofing companies can offer the most thermally efficient products to win more business.

A cold snap

With many conservatories in the UK outdated compared with the technology and performance of the latest innovations currently on the market, older conservatories will be getting noticeably colder as winter hits.

Homeowners are quite rightly seeing replacing and upgrading a conservatory roof as an instantly rewarding way of energy-proofing their home.

That has led to an increasing trend for replacing a worn-out glass or plastic conservatory roof with a new, lightweight tiled conservatory roof system comprising of a structural aluminium skeleton covered with uPVC.

But while aluminium has been a favourite material because of its strength, this can bring its own problems when it comes to keeping heat in. Solid roof options that utilise aluminium frames can provide poor thermal performance, cold spots, and condensation – and a poorly performing conservatory roof won’t be any help when it comes to getting those energy bills down.

Retaining heat

A solid conservatory roof replacement constructed solely from timber eliminates many of the issues associated with roofs with an aluminium skeleton, including metallic cold spots, condensation, and frequent draughts.

Of course, all-timber roofs are not a new concept, and many installers will have fit them in the past, but their thermal efficiency is now a game-changer when it comes to replacement conservatory roofs and it’s why we have enjoyed record sales and are seeing an ever-increasing demand for the Warm Roof Pro.

The Warm Roof Pro is all timber and uses highly insulated SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) making it much more thermally efficient. A standard Warm Roof Pro roof achieves a U value of 0.18 W/M2K on a standard installation, with the use of insulated plasterboard achieving a U value of 0.10 W/M2K, creating a true warm roof.

Satisfying demand

It’s no surprise that we have gone from making five roofs a week to 25-30 roofs a week for customers – and that will only set to continue.

Consumers are much more in tune with energy efficiency when it comes to what they want from their home improvements now, and they now have a much better understanding of phrases such as ‘U Value’ and what they should actively look for.

And with concern about their home’s energy performance now even more under the spotlight more than ever due to major energy price increases, installers, builders, and roofing companies must be meeting that demand.

To make it easier to transport and handle, the Warm Roof Pro is supplied in kit form with an installation guide, fixings, membrane, and eaves trays to enable a quick, stress free assembly on site. As a supply partner, Eco-Logic Roofing Systems also provide installer training to make sure customers are fully equipped and ready to go. For more information on the Warm Pro Roof, call 01480 475957 or email