Building Our Skills Hails Training Success for Eighteen-Year-Old Apprentice

Eighteen-year-old Oliver Wells may only have been in the fenestration industry for a couple of years, but already he has been awarded a Distinction upon passing the Apprenticeship Standard in Fenestration Installation Level 2. ‘Ollie’ – as he is known to friends and colleagues – is on track for more success thanks to a great work ethic and thirst for training and career progression.

The young Fitter at Harveys Windows & Conservatories in Leicester is being supported by employers who are keen to nurture his talents and help him develop and attain the skills and qualifications he needs to forge a successful career in the industry.

Sally Roberts, one of the Directors at the company says:

“Huge congratulations to Ollie. He’s a great example of someone who is going places in the fenestration industry. Here at Harveys we’re committed to staff development, and we strongly believe that training and the achievement of vocational qualifications is the way forward in this regard. That’s why we’re advocates of the work being done by Building Our Skills and why we’re very pleased to be representatives on their Advisory Panel. We strongly recommend other companies in the industry get on board and support Building Our Skills’ aims of attracting new talent to the fenestration industry and nurturing those employees we already have. We need to see more young people like Ollie going down the apprenticeship route so that we can all help to safeguard high standards in the industry.”

Ollie adds:

“Getting the qualification has been really good for me. I had coursework to do where I learnt all about building regs, health and safety and risk assessments – things you wouldn’t necessarily learn about just being out on site. Then, I had to have my practical work assessed too. It’s been a great experience and I think training and qualifications are the way to go for me. I just want to keep on learning. Maybe one day I’ll then have my own business!”

Ollie’s training was provided by Glass & Fenestration Training Solutions (GFTS). A range of courses offered by GFTS includes an introduction to fenestration for beginners, window and door installation, curtain wall and glass technology, intermediate and advanced programmes, along with specialist opportunities and surveying, in addition to theoretical training options. GFTS’s practical training centres offer hands-on, real-world training in the fenestration industry.

Samantha Tinker, GFTS’s Director of Business and Quality who also sits on the BOS advisory panel says:

“Congratulations to Ollie from us here at GFTS too. It’s great to see Harveys supporting its staff through apprenticeships. Qualifications and good-quality training are a means of helping learners to carve out a career in the industry and help business managers to retain their staff and compete competitively. We’re very pleased to be part of Building Our Skills’ network of training providers.”

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