Turn complex projects into profit generators with expert uPVC profile bending

For PVC fabricators and installers, manufacturing standard square window and door frames is tried-and-tested routine.

But when it comes to complex arched, angled or entirely bespoke designs, many shy away due to the specialised machinery, expertise and headaches involved.

This often means turning down lucrative projects featuring architecturally challenging fenestration.

However, there is a solution that allows companies to capitalise on this profitable market segment without the major investment – partnering with a trusted arched frame specialist like Premier Arches.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of arched and angled frames takes the complexity out of non-standard designs, transforming them into simple, hassle-free profit generators.

“Arched windows and angled frames require a level of skill and equipment that most PVC fabricators and installers simply aren’t equipped for,” said Sean Greenall, Managing Director at Premier Arches.

“My brothers and I started this company after seeing a gap in the market for a reliable, quality supplier focused solely on arched framed manufacturing. Our goal is to make these once daunting projects straightforward for our customers.”

Full product offering

Based in St Helens, Premier Arches specialises in manufacturing arched, angled, gabled, circular and entirely bespoke window and door frames across a wide range of different systems, including popular profiles like Residence 9.

This specialised capability opens up new revenue streams for trade partners who previously had to walk away from jobs featuring non-standard designs.

“We’ve seen demand for our arched frame offerings grow significantly since our launch in 2015, as more companies recognise the benefits of outsourcing this complicated process to experts,” said Sean. “It allows them to focus on the high-volume square frames their operations are optimised for, while still being able to fulfill special orders and keep customers happy.”

In addition to arched frames, Premier Arches has expanded its services to include manufacturing complete products – fabricating both curved sashes and outer frames rather than just the latter. This comprehensive offering provides fabricators and installers a seamless, single-source solution for uniquely-shaped fenestration.

“Fabricators used to make the square sash themselves and outsource just the arched outer frame to us,” Sean explains. “But more are shifting to having us manufacture the entire product. It simplifies their operations while ensuring a perfect matched solution every time.”

Customer-centric approach

Beyond its expanding capabilities, Premier Arches distinguishes itself through its relentless focus on customer service and efficiency. The company’s 20-strong production team prides itself on delivering exceptionally crafted frames with rapid turnarounds and reliable, hassle-free service.

This customer-centric approach extends to Premier Arches’ self-developed online pricing, ordering and job tracking platform. The system provides an easy, paperless experience by enabling customers to generate instant quotes, place orders with a few clicks, and monitor status updates in real-time.

“We know fabricators and installers are extremely busy, so we strive to make working with Premier Arches as seamless as possible,” Sean said. “From getting an upfront price quickly, to receiving quality finished products on a timeframe that meets their schedules, our goal is to be an extension of their operations, not a hindrance.”

Profitable opportunities

As demand for distinctive designs continues growing, Premier Arches stands ready to help more companies tap into this profitable opportunity without the headaches. The company’s specialised expertise in uPVC profile bending simplifies even the most complex arched window and angled frame projects.

Sean concludes: “Our comprehensive services and systems take the hassle out of complicated orders, empowering fabricators and installers to win more of that lucrative business. For companies looking to generate new revenue streams by expanding their arched frame capabilities, we’re ready to seamlessly fill that gap as a trusted, quality-driven arched frame partner.”