Aspex, one of the UK’s leading architectural ironmongery and door companies, has added an innovative steel door system to its existing Novista Riser range.

The Novista doorset system was originally developed in 2015 to meet the demands of architects looking for a minimalist aesthetic. Door frames are hidden resulting in walls that are uninterrupted as there is no need for obtrusive architrave. The original system had a timber door leaf, and whilst this is still available, the latest addition is Novista Steel Riser doors.

The Novista Steel Riser is suitable in locations which require either a very high fire or acoustic rating. The steel risers are fire rated to FD120 and acoustic rated to 40dB.

Traditional steel riser doorsets are often prefabricated, resulting in a very heavy product, which is cumbersome and difficult to install. Aspex has developed a simple on-site installation process, which is intuitive and requires no special skills.

The steel door system – installed for example in the Ruskin Square office development in Croydon – can be adapted to suit any project. It can be pre-painted to any RAL colour or primed to allow on-site painting for precise colour matching with the adjacent wall.

Riser doors can be used for a wide range of applications including ducts, cupboards, and access to bathroom pods.

In addition to riser doors, the Novista range also includes the Novista Doorsets, which feature an aluminium frame that can be mounted into a block or stud wall that is either single or double boarded. The doorsets are ideal for use in hotels as bathroom access doors or risers, and in commercial office buildings and apartments.