Profile 22 installer Max Glass recently demonstrated the benefits of the Optima system when it completed an installation in a property in a woodland conservation area near Leeds.

The property owners approached Max Glass with an interesting challenge. They wanted to improve the thermal efficiency of their stone-built property but, as the area’s estate manager confirmed, it was essential that any replacement windows – including the 26 leaded lights – replicated the original designs.

It was a challenge the team at Max Glass was keen to take on because the company prides itself on understanding its customers’ needs fully and going the extra mile to achieve their expectations. The project would not only demonstrate their expertise but also the quality of the Optima system.

Max Glass’s innovative solution was to take the 26 original leaded lights and have them restored and encapsulated by experts at Antique Glass Studio in Bradford. These were then refitted to replacement windows. The solution meant the new aperture for the glazing had to be the same as the existing window, something that was made possible with the use of the wide range of Optima ancillaries. The finishing touch was the use of white foil on both internal and external frames to replicate the original wood window design.

In total, Max Glass replaced 29 casement windows, three bay windows and one composite door. Stephen Hobson at the company commented: “The project has delivered our customers everything they needed. Their property has been fitted with A-rated windows, which has improved the thermal performance. And by encapsulating the original stained glass and leaded windows we have not only preserved the original beauty but also protected and preserved it for years to come.”

The project demonstrates the skill and expertise of Max Glass and the flexibility and innovation in Profile 22’s award-winning Optima system – it’s the perfect partnership.