As responsible manufacturers Freefoam Building Products are committed to building support and opportunities throughout the supply chain. The Freefoam Registered Installer programme is one of the most important parts of this strategy – offering home improvement companies a package of support from marketing materials and industry leading guarantees. But what makes the Freefoam package a game changer is access to FREE pre-qualified consumer leads for roofline and cladding work.

Free leads to help sustain your roofline business

Roofline . . . for many years viewed as the next logical home improvement after replacement windows, has transitioned itself from an often ‘distress’ purchase to a more natural enhancement of the kerbside appeal of a property.

Roofline, glazing and conservatory fitters have to use every tool at their disposal to win sales at a worthwhile price. Wasting valuable time looking for luke-warm leads isn’t an option. You need volume and quality of leads to stay ahead and that’s where responsible manufactures can really make a difference.

Here at Freefoam we’ve developed a pull-through strategy to bring in business on a day to day basis with pre-qualified leads for our customers’ customers: installers. Our  ground-breaking website myrooflinematters.co.uk generates pre-qualified leads throughout the UK. With subtle branding, and unbiased, easy-to-understand articles, it tells homeowners what to look out for, the problems that can occur with products and installations and how to avoid them. The consumers it attracts are looking for information, not the cheapest price. In effect, these homeowners are self-selecting, so they’re already warm when it guides them softly (but surely) to get a quote from their local Freefoam Registered Installers.

What sets it even further from conventional quote websites is that we don’t charge for leads, and we only offer leads to companies who respond quickly, with good conversion rates. We also follow up each and every lead with the installer and the homeowner to ensure everyone is happy. It’s a unique package and the feedback so far has been very positive.

Cladding leads to help your business grow

All home improvement and roofing companies are looking for ways to expand their business. Products to upsell to existing customers, opportunities to revisit previous customers and options to develop new markets – for roofing and building companies PVC cladding could be that opportunity.

There has been a huge interest in external cladding products in recent years, partly driven by aspirational TV shows like Grand Designs. Timber is still popular but homeowners are now looking for more low maintenance options – many busy families have little time or skill for the on-going re-painting and repair that timber requires.

PVC-U external cladding is one of the fastest growing home improvement products. Its versatility means it can be used on a huge variety of projects from a feature wall on an existing building, an exterior finish for a new extension or to give an attractive finish to a loft conversion. Cladding is one of the quickest and simplest ways of totally transforming the look of any home.

Freefoam Building Products  want  Freefoam Registered Installers to benefits from this market growth and have developed an attractive, consumer focussed site mycladding.com to showcase the Freefoam cladding range. With handy online tools to visualise colour options, order samples and a gallery to inspire the site gives homeowners ideas and support throughout the decision making process before they go ahead and request a quote from a Registered Installer.

To find out more about becoming a Freefoam Registered Installer and receiving FREE leads go to www.myfreefoam.com or email ukmarketing@freefoam.com