One of the UK’s foremost manufacturers of slimline heritage sealed units, Slenderline Glass has seen a fantastic performance from their email marketing strategy – designed and implemented by Insight Data.

Slenderline Glass; which is part of the Kent-based E.J. Cocker Group, specialises in advanced sealed units for all heritage and sash windows. The firm joined forces with Insight Data to promote their full range of sealed units for all traditional rebates through dynamic and powerful email campaigns.

“We partnered with Insight Data looking to take our slimline units to a wider, nationwide audience and we can’t believe the success,” comments Andy Cocker, Director at Slenderline Glass. “Email marketing has generated unbelievable interest in our product range and really helped raise awareness of the Slenderline brand, which is exactly what we wanted. The response has been so impressive we’ve had to change the way we operate to answer the deluge of leads.”

“It’s great to work with a company that fully understands our business, the market and the businesses we’d love to connect with. Slenderline is really flying with sales up on last year and as a Director, I can’t spend time writing email campaigns or teaching our provider what our product is. So, it’s great to work with Insight Data and their team of writers and designers who not only have that industry knowledge but can manage and send the campaigns for me. We’re delighted to be working with Insight Data and we are excited to see what this relationship brings in 2018.”

Insight Data are the industry’s leading provider of market intelligence and prospect data specifically for the fenestration and construction industries. Boasting a database of over 60,000 potential customers, Insight’s in-house marketing team works with businesses across the industry to manage email campaigns, telesales campaigns and direct mail campaigns including newsletters, flyers and advertisements.

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data’s General Manager comments: “We work with a wide range of businesses from systems companies to fabricators, component suppliers and sealed unit manufacturers to help them raise their profile and win new business. We do this through our dynamic marketing solutions and through Salestracker, our pioneering software which combines an online prospect database, CRM system and an integrated email marketing platform.”

“It’s really great to see Slenderline Glass receive such fantastic results from their email marketing campaign. At Insight Data, we pride ourselves on the strength of our data – updated in real-time using a seven-stage verification process, which ensures we can deliver high-impact campaigns to achieve lead-generation, boosted brand awareness or both!”

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