Bohle has added the highly innovative Skyforce Juliet balcony to its range, generating a new sales platform for glass processors, window and door fabricators – and installers.

With simple and quick surface mounting, the Skyforce Juliet balcony, provides fall protection for French balconies.

Where it delivers a distinct advantage over competitor systems is that it can be pre-fabricated as part of the door manufacturing process and secured directly to the frame, in addition to surrounding brickwork and masonary.

This means that it can be supplied as part of a French door or added at point of installation.

Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle said: “Juliet balconies are on trend. Skyforce supports glass processors, window and door fabricators and installers in generating higher and added value sales opportunities throughout the supply chain.

“If you’re a glass processor, you have the pull through of core product and higher value laminate glass plus opportunities for installation. As a fabricator of French doors, Skyforce can be pre-fabricated and sold to an installer customer base as part of an added value offer.

“If you’re an installer, you can source it independently through us as part of a retail proposition – it generates opportunities across the board.”

Skyforce is suitable for use with all aluminium French doors and PVC-U and wooden French doors dependent on the type of reinforcement used or type of wood. Available with specialist fixing anchors for each,  fixings are also available for installation directly to masonary, concrete and stone.

Tested to General Building Inspection Test ABP and BS6180, it accommodates single glass width of up to 3000mm using one complete two-part aluminium fixing and glazing system, available from Bohle in anodised aluminium, anthracite grey and mill-finished options.

FACTBOX Installation in five easy steps

Step 1: Profile is pre-applied or drilled and fixed on site to a suitable French Door Frame or masonary using suitable fixing anchors

Step 2: Glass is offered up to and sat on base of profile/frame

Step 3 : Aluminium fascia clips and slides into place to conceal fixings and secure glass

Step 4: End/weather sealing caps applied to the the top of each profile

Step 5: Gasket applied using glazing tool

Skyforce is supplied in three pre-assembled profile sets for glass heights of 900, 100 and 1100mm. These can accommodate multiple glass thickenesses from 12-21.52mm  depending on the rubber glazing set selected.

“There’s no glass processing required, you don’t need to drill it to install it. But the real benefit is that you can fix into the frame offering simplicity with great aesthetics”, continued Broxton.

“From the end-user perspective, they get a completely uninterrupted sightline – there’s no requirement for a top-rail, which with the invisible fixing system creates a very sleek and contemporary aesthetic.”

For more about Bohle’s product and service offer visit website www.bohle-group.com/en-gb  email info@bohle.ltd.uk or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.