Here’s an appealing proposition for anyone who fits or repairs windows for a living. What if we told you there was an easy way to single-handedly replace or fix glazed units, hinges and handles on any floor – fast – all without expensive scaffolding or ladders or extra labour, and at no risk to life or limb? Sound too good to be true? Well, we promise you, it’s not!

Sashmate – a window repairer’s secret weapon

An innovative tool called Sashmate – developed by safety solutions specialist Glazesafe and available to buy at Window Ware – is helping locksmiths, double glaziers and window repair specialists across the country to work smarter, not harder, as well as win more jobs with cheaper scaffold-free quotes and a novel approach that solves all kinds of access issues.  So even awkward repair jobs on windows above conservatory roofs, over kitchen worktops or baths, and up high-rise buildings are brought within easy reach from the safety of inside the property.

It takes one-person mere seconds to set the system up to hold the sash firmly in place leaving both hands free to remove stubborn fixings, fetch tools and carry out repair work – hassle-free! And because you don’t need a second worker, ladders or scaffolding, you keep your costs down, your prices competitive and you can tackle jobs where external access is simply unworkable. Even if you always send out two people to a repair job as standard, Sashmate frees up the second person to carry out a health check on the other windows, helping to create a value-added service for clients and generate new business for you. Then when the job is done, Sashmate packs down quickly into a compact carry bag, which can be stored in your van, ready for action. According to A&C Contracts, Sashmate “saved the client over £3k on hydraulic access equipment”.

Pitching for success on prime-time TV

Though the Sashmate system has been on sale at Window Ware for several years, it’s enjoyed a surge of interest since its recent appearance on prime-time TV when it won the backing of not one, but two millionaire entrepreneurs! It wasn’t just Sashmate which caught the investors’ eyes, Glazesafe’s Stronghold mobile anchor and barrier system also garnered support. It ensures two workers can operate safely and securely on harnesses around window openings, lift shafts and many other kinds of apertures – from inside the building at any height. At the same time, Stronghold creates a visible barrier to cordon off the work area and keep other contractors and the public out of harm’s way.

Stronghold – get a firm grip on costs and safety

Stronghold is portable (weighing just over 30kg), fast-erecting (set up in under 5 minutes) and free-standing to minimise damage to internal walls or floors. But when it comes to load bearing, it’s no lightweight; Stronghold is capable of supporting 1.9 tonnes. This mighty, yet mobile muscle means it meets the requirements of the British Standard BS EN 795 B:2012 and TS 16415:2013.

Like Sashmate, Stronghold aims to do away with expensive and disruptive scaffolding, to keep costs low yet maintain high safety standards on site. Luton Window Company agrees. They explained, “safety was greatly enhanced using Stronghold and it saved £20k at least on a 10-floor glazing installation project”.

Both the Sashmate and Stronghold systems are available from Window Ware now – call sales on 01234 242724 or visit to find out more and buy online.