Fabricators looking to increase turnover should take a look at what LEKA products have to offer. That’s the message from Rhys Hoddinott Director of LEKA Systems. He comments: “The LEKA Orangery Roof and the LEKA Warm Roof are proving to be strong additions to fabricators’ portfolios. Their popularity means they’re a great way to get new installers through the door, which opens up opportunities to increase sales on existing products too. Plus, they’re easy to add to a fabrication set up and we provide full marketing and technical support so fabricators can start to add value to their portfolio very quickly.”

Rhys says there are three reasons why the LEKA Orangery Roof and the LEKA Warm Roof offer such great opportunities to fabricators.

Firstly, there’s the changing conservatory market and the trend for conservatories to become higher value spaces that deliver greater flexibility. Orangery and orangery-hybrid installations have seen impressive growth in recent years – up 38% in 2016.

The second reason is the exceptional ability of the LEKA Orangery Roof and the LEKA Warm Roof to deliver on homeowners’ aspirations to create these flexible living spaces. They deliver U values of just 0.15 W/m²K, so they create the year-round room homeowners are looking for, as well as offering a wealth of other practical and aesthetic benefits.

The third reason is the practical benefits they give installers. The products are jhai-approved, all materials are pre-cut to exact specifications and there are fewer elements to install than on a traditional solid conservatory roof, so on-site installations typically only take between one and three days.

Rhys concludes: “The LEKA Orangery Roof and the LEKA Warm Roof will be joined shortly by another product, which we’re confident will blaze a trail too. Our existing customers will be the first to hear about it, which is another reason for fabricators to find out what LEKA has to offer today.”