Secondary glazing specialists Incarnation Window Systems are celebrating a record year of growth.

2017-2018 saw the firm, a division of Olney sash window specialists Roseview, top £500k turnover for the first time.

Established in 2012, Incarnation has since blazed a trail as one of the most dynamic and exciting forces in UK secondary glazing.

“We’ve come an amazingly long way in a relatively short amount of time,” comments Director Paul Bygrave. “From a standing start, we’re already recognised as one of the leading secondary glazing suppliers in the country – no small achievement.

“The last financial year started very strongly for us. The summer months always give us a chance to recover some more regular production hours – but both in the office and on the road, we work hard to gain more customers, and by the Autumn we usually have the growth we need to move things forward.

“Demand is significantly up this year after a long, cold winter – at one stage in 2017, we were breaking sales records most weeks, and we’ve had an incredibly busy start to 2018, virtually doubling our production load.

“We’re not complacent – we’ve made major headway tackling outdated perceptions about secondary glazing in recent years, but there’s still a long way to go.

“Looking ahead, we’re extremely confident that our mix of great customer relations, commitment to quality, short fabrication lead time and free delivery service will help us make this year even more successful than the last.”

Today, the firm offers two complete secondary glazing suites – the Classic Collection, and the Optimum Collection.

Classic is aimed at the domestic and heritage markets, featuring an extensive array of ultra-slim profiles to suit virtually any style, while Optimum was specifically designed for the sort of large-scale and commercial projects the firm has become increasingly involved with over the past few years.

On top of the Classic and Optimum models, Incarnation also offer a top of the range SDG product, Deluxe, which boasts no-tools-needed, fully removable sashes for easy cleaning and transportation.

“There is constant development happening at Incarnation and our customers help us to develop in the right areas,” concludes Paul.

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