Hardware giants Caldwell have topped off a string of recent investments and innovations with the introduction of a £50k PAS24 testing rig.

The cutting-edge equipment is designed to make accreditation testing a much cheaper and easier process for the firm’s many customers.

“For many fabricators, PAS24 testing can be a major hassle,” explains Sales Director Tim Ferkin. “Sending a product for testing, having it fail, making changes, and submitting to the test centre again and so on can quickly become an expensive and time-consuming affair.

“That’s why we decided to take action. Armed with the new test rig, we can perform practise PAS24 tests in-house – meaning we can ensure a customer’s product will pass before it goes to an official test centre, saving them time and money.

“It’s a fantastic value-added service we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers, and we hope that as many of them as possible take advantage of it. If you’d like to learn more about our testing service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.”

The new rig comes as just the latest in a series of major developments at fast-moving Caldwell, which have included the introduction of a new range of high-performance window locks.

The cutting-edge Sinidex Security Lock incorporates floating mushroom technology by the firm’s well-regarded subsidiary Cotswold, allowing it to offer robust security performance and excellent tolerance, even with sash drops of up to 6.5mm.

The high-specification product also includes bi-directional locking cams, and as well as being tested to PAS24 standards, comes with a Secured by Design accreditation and a ten-year guarantee.

The Sinidex security lock will eventually form part of a full casement window set from Caldwell, along with hinges and handles.

Last year, the firm also upgraded two of its spring balances – the Ultra Lift 2 (UL 2) and the Torso – which are designed to give the end user mechanical assistance in opening and closing their sash window.

The end result was the Ultra Lift 6 (UL 6) and Torso II. The Torso II is now the only class 6 balance on the market, offering up to 85% mechanical assistance and can hold sashes that weigh up to 60kg.