Sash window specialists Roseview have kicked off the year with another important milestone.

Having already celebrated forty years in business last year, and made a landmark Fensterbau debut in March, the long-standing Olney firm is now marking the appointment of its 100th employee.

Beginning life as a humble local fabricator-installer in the 1970s, Roseview quickly rose to become a sash window innovator, producing the world’s first uPVC sash window product in 1985, and the launching the acclaimed Rose Collection in 2013.

Rapid growth, particularly since the mid-2000s, has brought with it a significant jump in employee numbers, culminating in its 100th appointment earlier this year.

In 2017, the firm produced 25,000 sash windows, and topped £9m turnover, up from £8.4m in 2016, which was itself a record-breaking year.

Sales Director Richard Burrells comments: “Appointing employee number 100 is a perfect opportunity for us to stop and pay tribute to the amazing people who’ve worked for us over the last forty years.

“Without the hard work, expertise and dedication of literally hundreds of staff members, we wouldn’t be half the company we are today, and uPVC sash windows may never have got off the ground.

“You’d struggle to find a nicer, more dedicated bunch of people, and I know I speak for all the senior team here at Roseview when I say it’s a privilege to work alongside them.

“With 100 talented sash window experts behind us, it’s safe to say we’re extremely optimistic about the future.”

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