Free online management tool utilises industry data to give FENSA members exclusive insights for benchmarking performance and identifying new markets.

With more than 9,000 members and nearly 13 million installations since 2002, FENSA is the UK’s largest and longest established Competent Person Scheme. It is also one of the UK glazing industry’s biggest data collectors and passes along key statistics to its members via the FENSA Knowledge Hub, a unique and powerful online tool.

The FENSA Knowledge Hub is a data insight and management tool that gives registered FENSA installers up to date information about the markets they operate in as well as snapshots of their own performance. It draws on 16 years – and counting – of FENSA inspections and registrations data, making key metrics and insights easily discoverable via an online interface optimised for mobile devices.

The Hub puts powerful information into the hands of FENSA installers allowing them to evaluate their performance and prices against market averages, benchmark against previous data, and identify sales opportunities through demand trend insights.

Key metrics can be viewed at different scales, from a national overview right down to the Local Authority level, allowing a range of insights that together give FENSA registered businesses a better understanding of their position within the market.

Rachel Culpan, Customer Service Manager for FENSA, explained why the Knowledge Hub is so useful for members:

“From a business perspective, it’s a great way for installers to analyse the market and keep up to date with trends in the industry. Especially with the Hub being free for FENSA members, we encourage them to take full advantage of this powerful tool.”

Installers can view their inspection history and compare their performance against themselves over previous years, as well as against the local activity rate over similar time periods.

While individual companies can see their own installation data in detail, all information collected from other installers is anonymised and supplemented with local government statistics on population and housing stock to help present a wider view of the industry as a whole.

Chris Beedel, Director of Membership, FENSA, added: “It’s a fantastic way for installers to improve their sales, marketing and management whilst identifying inspection areas for improvement.”

Chris explained that the FENSA Knowledge Hub was created to help FENSA members benefit from the great wealth of data the company collects each year and the FENSA team is always looking for new ways to help installers harness this data to the advantage of their businesses.

“We would be delighted to hear feedback from our members about what extra functionality they would find useful in the Knowledge Hub,” said Chris.