GJB Window Systems, one of the UK’s largest Eurocell fabricators recently called on industry data specialists Insight Data, to provide their expert advice and knowledge on GDPR for their customer conference.

Insight’s General Manager Jade Greenhow and Operations Manager Alex Tremlett headed down to GJB’s Essex headquarters to provide an in-depth seminar on GDPR, the new wide-spanning data regulations which came into force this month. As experts in the field – working closely on GDPR since it’s creation in 2016, the Insight team spoke with GJB customers on the importance of compliance, and how they can best prepare.

“As with any comprehensive change in regulation, there seems to be much mis-information, scare-mongering and profiteering, as so-called consultants look to make a ‘quick-buck’ and take advantage of businesses who are unaware of the full details,” Jade explains. “In its simplest form, GDPR provides greater rights and controls to individuals on how their data is used and businesses who already operate good data practices will find it simple to comply. We’re pleased to help GJB and their customers debunk the myths around GDPR and provide further details and assistance on compliance and the effective changes they could make.”

The event was the first customer conference held by new GJB owner Roy Frost, who bought the firm in the Summer of 2017. The firm is now part of the GJB Holdings Group, a £22 million supergroup which also includes Stoke-based fabricator Listers Central – acquired by Frost at the tail-end of 2017.

“We’re delighted that Insight Data was able to join us for our first customer conference,” comments Roy. “GDPR promises to be one of the great challenges installers face this year and beyond so it’s fantastic we can help our customers by providing complete support from the experts. Through the GJB Group, we work with installers of all sizes across the country and we want to help them in every possible way, whether that’s through products, service or support. We look forward to Insight joining us for our Listers customer conference on June 7th.”

To download Insight Data’s comprehensive GDPR Survival Guide, visit the GDPR Downloads page of the Insight Data website.

For more information, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at hello@insightdata.co.uk.