A range of advanced slimline heritage units, courtesy of Slenderline Glass, is providing tradespeople with a huge number of opportunities in conservation areas.

New research suggests there are more than 9,800 conservation areas across England’s 336 Local Planning Authorities alone and it is an area of the market that businesses looking to expand and increase their revenue streams can tap into thanks to Slenderline Glass.

The Kent-based company’s range of advanced slimline heritage units expertly replicate heritage aesthetics whilst offering cutting-edge thermal performance. With a range of sizes to match any traditional rebate, a Slenderline unit takes advantage of warm-edge technology from pioneers Edgetech, and either Argon or Krypton gas.

It’s one of the greatest challenges facing homeowners in conservation areas as they look to fulfil their desire to improve the performance of their home, whilst still preserving the important heritage aesthetics of the property.

However, as the demand has grown, more and more manufacturers including Slenderline are now creating a full range of glazing products that meet the stringent guidelines set by local councils, expertly replicating the product it is replacing, and can help businesses effectively service this strong demand.

Andy Cocker, Director at Slenderline Glass, comments: “Slenderline’s ability to meet the needs of both the restoration and replication markets has meant it has become the trusted solution for joiners, builders, contractors and installers across the country.

“Whether it’s a period property, a listed building or a property deep in a conservation zone, Slenderline offers complete authenticity – the principal criteria for compliance in a heritage setting.

“Conservation areas do present challenges for businesses, but the success of products like Slenderline Glass and the businesses who rely on its authentic design goes to show they are definitely not a lost cause.

“In fact, with the right products and the right supplier, conservation areas provide the countless opportunities that businesses are so desperately looking for at the moment to win new business.”

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