REHAU, one of the UK’s leading and most respected PVC-u systems houses has re-signed with industry data specialists Insight Data, extending their successful partnership for a second year.

With the aim of promoting their range of polymer solutions to fabricators, installers and architects nationwide, REHAU tapped into the unrivalled prospect database of Salestracker, Insight Data’s revolutionary sales and marketing platform. The results proved to be so successful for the PVC-u specialists that they have put their full support behind Salestracker for the second successive year.

“It’s fantastic to see customers so impressed by our services that they renew their partnership with us. That is especially true when it is a highly-regarded business like REHAU,” comments Jade Greenhow, Operations Director at Insight Data. “We are absolutely delighted to renew our partnership as we continue to provide the accurate data and market intelligence they need to drive their business forward. We certainly predict further success in the coming 12 months.”

Martin Hitchin, Head of Windows and CEO at REHAU adds: “Our business is built upon fantastic relationships both with our customers across the globe and our suppliers like Insight Data. In a short period of time, Salestracker has become an integral part of our operation, providing the business information we need to reach out to potential customers who are relevant to our business.

“We firmly see Salestracker and Insight Data as important parts of our sales and marketing strategies moving forward – especially as the market changes so rapidly. We look forward to working with Jade and the team at Insight Data over the coming year.”

Combining an online prospect database, CRM system and integrated email marketing platform, Salestracker provides the up-to-date information and the means to communicate with over 60,000 potential customers from across the industry. Updated in real-time thanks to Insight’s in-depth seven stage verification process, Salestracker not only provides contact details but business information such as frames per week, suppliers, areas operating in and even credit ratings.

It means companies like REHAU can effectively target fabricators, installers, architects and main contractors – learning all they need to know before their sales team step foot on the premises. Better still with GDPR now in effect, Salestracker provides the only viable way to market to prospects thanks to Insight Data’s extensive preparations and the firm’s pioneering real-time data – a major factor in GDPR compliance.

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