TV Shows and online videos about how everyday objects are made are incredibly popular and can be a powerful marketing tool for many manufacturing companies – with Lego clocking up over 6.5 million views on YouTube!   Freefoam Building Products are pleased to announce the launch of another new video featuring all aspects of the production process of its fascia, soffit and guttering products.

The video explains each stage, right from the arrival of the raw materials on site, through the extrusion of pvc in the production process to storage and distribution of the finished product. Louise Sanderson, Marketing Manager explains “This film gives us the opportunity to demystify the process and explain simply and clearly how our products are made. It’s fascinating to see how we take simple raw materials in powder form and create an end product that will still be protecting roofs and homes around the country in 50 years time.”

Freefoam have made considerable investment in the UK facilities over the past 19 years – even changing the skyline of Northampton with their 21 metre high ‘Mixing Plant’.  The production facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week employing 92 people on site. The video also helps to illustrate the scale of this manufacturing operation and Warehousing facilities.

Geoff Barnett, Technical Operations Manager “We’re proud of what we make and of our site and this video gives us the opportunity to showcase the facilities we operate and the products we produce. Because of the investment we’ve made  we have full control of the whole process, managing and fine tuning every stage to create materials that are hard wearing, fit for purpose and guaranteed to last.”