Manchester-based fabricator Force 8 has always been quick to adapt to the latest trends in the market and has recently announced the introduction of its smooth finish composite doors, which bear a striking resemblance – especially when in shades of grey – to an aluminium door that would typically cost around four times as much. The doors are available in 50 different shades of grey, including various shades of silver grey, then anything between black and white, which the company can reproduce with a sample or RAL number.

The trailblazing company is offering the smooth finish across its entire door range but feels that it is especially suited to the ultra-contemporary Decadence range.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director at Force 8, said: “The trend in windows and doors for sleek lines in shades of grey continues to grow, but many homeowners simply can’t justify the cost of an aluminium door as while they may look stunning, they are prohibitively expensive to many. By combining our new smooth finish with one of the doors from our Decadence range, it is possible to create an ultra-high-end look without the price tag. The doors are available in 50 shades of grey which further enhances the aluminium-feel and the reaction we have had to them since launch has been fantastic.”

To complement the aluminium-look finish, Force 8 offers a wide range of top quality hardware in Blu 316 grade stainless steel, all of which comes with a lifetime guarantee. The hardware range is equally top-end and allows for a wide number of stunning combinations.

A recent stand-out addition to the contemporary Decadence range is the two-tone Zermatt door. The company believes that the door, which boasts a 44mm slab with 4mm skin, is the only one on the market with the striking two-tone colour effect – a feature usually found on aluminium doors.

Dennis said: “The popularity of the sleek look of aluminium products continues to grow and has spilled over into the doors market. Many customers approach us looking for an aluminium front door but find that the cost is restrictive. Our new Zermatt Decadence door offers the sleek look of an aluminium door thanks to its smooth finish, but with all the thermal benefits of a composite. We have also found over the years that homeowners love to personalise their front door as it is such a statement and sets the tone for their home, so the two-tone colour accent is proving to be hugely popular.”

As the trend for anthracite grey shows no signs of waning, the company has chosen this as the main colour for the Zermatt Decadence door and homeowners can then choose the secondary colour from Force 8’s huge palette.

Force 8 has been producing doors and windows from its Stockport base for over 25 years. A true innovator, the company is renowned for its one-piece sash bend which is not available from any other fabricator. The company regularly launches its own new and exclusive door designs and is the only company in the UK market to offer a two-tone composite door.