Autumn is traditionally a time for consumers to get home improvement jobs done before the Winter sets in. With the lack of rainfall this summer gutters have been sitting idle but been subject to massive changes in temperature from highs of 30o to lows of 10o.  With the inevitable expansion and contraction this brings it’s likely that with the first downpour gutters will have developed leaks.

With this in mind Freefoam have now launched a new version of their rainwater brand Freeflow® brochure. Showcasing the full range of Square, Round, Ogee, Deep and Cast Iron effect PVC guttering and illustrating the major benefits of their innovative system the brochure is a great selling tool for all fitters.

Whilst guttering is often seen as a commodity, with one brand very much like another, Freefoam has developed a series of clever innovations to raise the bar on guttering and solves the usual niggling issues – such as scratches on the outside, discolouration over time and call backs to leaks – making life easier for installers!

Coextruded to reduce main cause of leaks

Each rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours. This innovation means that while the interior is exposed to sunlight as normal, it absorbs significantly less heat from the sun and expands far less along its width and length. This dramatically decreases the probability of leaks – and creaks!

Water-tight joints

Freeflow features pioneering long-life compressible seals which create flexible water-tight joints when lengths of guttering are connected together. The seals allow gutters to move without making a noise and without creating the gaps which cause leaks.

Protected from factory to fitting

All Freeflow gutters and downpipes come covered with protective film so they can survive knocks in transit and can be installed without scratches.

Colour designed to last

Freefoam is the colour specialist.  Offering White, Black, Brown, Caramel and Grey rainwater ranges using Freefoam’s patented ColormaxTM technology – an advanced master-batching process with a blend of natural PVC and pigments that are simultaneously co-extruded to produce built in colourfastness, colour variety, and reliable colour matching, all guaranteed for up to ten years.

Download here

Copies available from your local Freefoam stockist