Top-drawer timber manufacturer West Port is celebrating signing up its 50th new trade customer in a year of incredible growth.

Over twenty years, the Cumbria business has established itself at the forefront of Britain’s timber fenestration sector, providing some of the country’s finest wood windows and doors, and working with some of the biggest names in UK construction.

Until recently, however, the firm’s footprint in the trade sector has been relatively small. Classically, West Port has been a commercially-focused company – but last year, that all changed.

Given the continuing rise of high-end glazing, fuelled by aspirational end-users looking for products that boast both stunning aesthetics and outstanding performance, West Port saw a huge opportunity to make headway in the trade sector, as Managing Director Sean Parnaby explains:

“Consumer tastes have changed drastically over the last ten to fifteen years. Where once homeowners were happy with white uPVC, many are now interested in anything but.

“We’ve seen the rise of aluminium, then so-called ‘timber alternatives’, as end-users sought out timber aesthetics without the supposed drawbacks.

“But they’re now discovering that those ‘drawbacks’ no longer exist. Modern timber is the most stylish, sustainable and versatile material on the market.

“And as homeowners have woken up to the many benefits of timber windows and doors, more and more installers are realising that selling them is a fantastic way to increase their margins and help their businesses grow.

“That, combined with the world-class craftsmanship and exceptional service we offer here at West Port, account for the flood of new customers we’ve brought on board this year. We’ve had 50 since January, and expect many more before the year is over.

“If you’re interested in learning more about what West Port can do for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.”

For more information contact West Port on 01900 814225 or visit