Distinction Doors is getting ready to celebrate a 50% upturn in sales of its glass ranges – driven by demand for its unique in-house glass designs and a powerful new support package of bespoke consumer literature.

That demand has already passed 45% this year against the same period in 2017 and is still climbing towards the 50% milestone any day now, according to Distinction Doors National Sales Manager Andrew Grogan.

“We saw sales beginning to climb as soon as we unveiled our own glass design creations two years ago,” he said, “But then they really went up a gear when we launched our consumer brochure options and there is no sign of slowing down in the near future.

“The standard glass ranges bought-in by most door companies were growing stale because everyone was offering the same-old, same-old and we could see consumers wanted something more. That’s why we took a completely fresh approach and brought the whole process in house to create a range of styles that were unique to Distinction Doors.

“It’s also very significant that more and more installers of other door brands are beginning to choose our glass as well. The units fit most other composite doors and we can see demand for the range is growing here too.”

The second breakthrough was the new consumer literature range, he added, with options for customers to work with Distinction’s design boutique and choose either standard edition, own-branded or fully bespoke brochures.

“This immediately gave our retail installers a clear edge over their competitors and the level of uptake shows how much they obviously appreciate it. Consumers choosing a quality product want to know they are buying it from a professional fabricator and that is the image these brochures help them to project.”

The Distinction Glass range is available in 12 decorative families, with 12 contemporary options – two purpose designed for each door in the brochure. The tested and CE marked triple glazed units are available in 24mm – for Distinction’s nxt-gen and signature door ranges – and also 50mm for all 70mm composite doors, with high-security 6.8mm laminated glass as standard. With over 30,000 glass units in stock, each is available on three days’ turnaround.

The door leaf and glazing system are major components when part of a door set and have a proven ability to achieve PAS24:2016, the industry’s enhanced security standard, and a prerequisite in attaining certification to Secured by Design, a police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion.