Every partnership is built on two things; trust and respect and after working together for 14 years, VEKA and Listers have developed the perfect relationship.

In August 2017, Listers was acquired by industry stalwart, Roy Frost and his first port of call was to ensure that partnership remained intact.

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” remarked Roy “and the Listers and VEKA synergy was crucial to our plans moving forward. In the 12 months since I acquired the business, the support we’ve had from VEKA has been incredible and they have helped us develop an entirely new brand in a very short space of time.”

That brand is the Timeless range of mechanically jointed flush sash windows, created by Listers using the VEKA flush window system.

“The flush timber alternative market is such an exciting arena but also very competitive and we need to position ourselves at the top of the tree. At Listers we make an exceptional window and that’s partly down to our preferred supplier, VEKA,” commented Roy.

To enhance the brand’s visibility, Listers has invested heavily in the new Timeless brand, developing a retail-focused website, a brochure, professional photography, colour blocks, samples and more. The team have even taken the brave decision to house a large selection of stock colours for reduced lead times.

“We’ve worked with Listers for many years and were delighted when we heard that Roy had taken over the reins at this fantastic company,” said Neil Evans, VEKA Group Sales Director. “He immediately contacted us and explained his vision for Listers and it’s fair to say, Listers are sticking to it rigidly. When I saw what Listers had done with the Timeless brand, it really was very exciting and looks set to be a roaring success.”

Moving forward, Roy and his team at Listers are determined to expand on the initial success that Timeless is already bringing to the business. Plans are being actioned on expanding manufacturing facilities at the Listers factory in Stoke on Trent as well as a big marketing campaign to bring Timeless to the forefront of the end users’ attention.

“We’re still at the start of our journey together, Listers and I, and working with suppliers like VEKA has made the takeover so much easier,” remarked Roy, “I’m looking forward to what the future holds and signs are showing that Timeless is going to feature as a key component of our success. Maintaining our solid relationship with VEKA, is absolutely vital to those plans.”

If you would like to find out more about Timeless Flush Sash from Listers, please visit the website