Alongside its newly unveiled laminated moulding offering, VEKA Group is also proud to offer clip-on cills and a new, Halo large outerframe option; some of the many benefits of choosing systems from VEKA Group.

The industry-leading PVC-U systems supplier knows that the perfect product range doesn’t begin and end with the ‘big ticket’ items. VEKA and Halo fabricators and installers can take advantage of all the carefully thought out extra details that make VEKA Group systems so fitter friendly and straightforward to fabricate.

The clip-on cill eliminates a host of potential problems that can occur during installation, especially in the new build sector. Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: “Construction sites can be hectic environments. With different tradespeople all trying to get their own part of the job completed, prominent door and window cills have the potential to become cracked, scuffed or scraped.

“Our two-part cill allows the ‘nose’ of the cill to be added at the end of the installation, when there is less going on and the likelihood of it being damaged has been drastically reduced. It works with VEKA and Halo’s chamfered and sculptured systems and, as you’d expect, it is available in all 29 colours of the Variations collection to guarantee a flawless finish.”

Along with the two-part clip-on cill, VEKA Group has also developed a large outerframe in order to help Halo customers achieve a perfectly professional finish on every project. This new, larger outerframe means that installers no longer need to fit a frame extension but instead can use a single profile to avoid any gaps or difference in foil colour.

The large outerframe allows more hinge-side plasterline clearance on residential doors without the addition of a 15mm frame extension and means there is no unsightly join line. It also means there are no additional stock items required as it uses the same reinforcing as in the 72mm outer. The minimum order quantity is just one pack, and all hardware used on the 72mm outerframe can also be used on the new 84mm outerframe.

Dawn adds: “VEKA Group works tirelessly to make sure our fabricators and installers have all the ‘tools’ they need to simplify their working day and streamline their business for success. Often, we find that the most valuable innovations in our industry can be a dozen smaller things, rather than one dramatic new invention, and we are constantly working on the many helpful details that make the VEKA difference.”