On the 9th of October the GGF launched its new quality mark training programme for installers with great success. Twelve trainees attended the course, keen to hone their skills and focus on the core output of the training: delivering quality installations with exemplary customer service.

The training is the first part of the GGF’s focus on quality. Members who send installers and surveyors on the course can progress to achieve the GGF Quality Installer Award and GGF Quality Surveyor Award. This also involves an on-site inspection and submission of a portfolio of two jobs.

There was a buzz in the training room as Andy Clegg, a veteran of the glazing industry, delivered the training with a degree of understanding that engaged all present. There was no escape from admitting to those little tricks and all recognised that they will become a thing of the past, as they committed to delivering quality outputs for the benefit of the customers and business.

Comments from those attending included:

“I really understood the importance of quality and professionalism after the training.”

“The two day course massively advanced my theory of the industry which will help a lot in the practical side.”

“I’ve learnt a few new ways of doing things and it’s good to know the GGF’s definition of quality. I now look forward to implementing it.”

A trainee who is involved in the sales side of the business commented:

“I hadn’t realised the amount of areas the installer is expected to be competent in. I now have a greater understanding of what these guys do when I send them out on a job. I need to continue to improve my knowledge.”

Richard Hearn GGF Head of Membership and Training said, “We had a great group of trainees to launch our new training courses. They were so engaged and keen to learn more creating a really positive vibe in the room. Andy is a superb trainer who can be both light hearted and serious when appropriate and fantastic at keeping everybody sharp and involved.”

Trainer, Andy Clegg commented, “I am delighted to have been asked to deliver the new training courses for the GGF. I have a passion for bringing the classroom alive through the on-site equipment I use as well as through models, demo material, ladders and health and safety tools and props. This first group of trainees responded brilliantly to my approach and were a pleasure to teach.”

The GGF will be launching its first training courses for surveyors on 25th October.

To learn more about GGF training for installers and surveyors please visit the GGF website