Distinction Doors has confirmed that sales of both its GRP fire door blanks and prepped fire doors have now resumed, following the self-imposed industry-wide ban which resulted from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry investigations and subsequent bi-lateral fire door testing initiated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

In order to comply with new government expectations of GRP fire doors, any fire door manufacturer now looking to recommence supply must have primary test evidence illustrating that their door has passed a fire test from both sides, as well as written confirmation from the relevant test house confirming this result.

Additionally, it is expected that before resuming the manufacture of fire doors a director from the door manufacturer should write a confirmation to the supplier of the door blank, enclosing the successful bi-directional test evidence which confirms the door sets they intend to manufacture and supply will use only the exact components noted within the door sets tests.

Distinction Doors CEO, Andrew Fowlds commented: “It has been incredibly encouraging to see how well our industry has come together throughout this uncertain period and continues to do so as the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM) carries on working with the MHCLG to now address the wider issues associated with the recent fire door changes.

We are pleased that a resolution has been found which addresses those concerns originally outlined by the MHCLG tests, allowing the industry to go back to market and Distinction Doors to reinstate GRP fire doors as part of our own comprehensive offering.”