For Nathan Moore, Managing Director at Premier Windows, the main benefit of Listers Central’s dedicated bespoke online ordering portal, Easy Connect, is a simple question to answer – timesaving.

The Weymouth-based installer, which offers a broad range of top-quality uPVC, aluminium and composite products, was one of the first to start using the Stoke fabricators latest comprehensive installer support package and it has already helped them secure new business.

The software, which is suitable for tablets and desktops and is exclusive to Listers trade partners, is specifically designed to help installers visualise with customers how their desired windows and doors will look and perform before they order, providing an accurate price estimation at all times.

And for Nathan and Premier Windows, it has been a godsend.

“As a small business, the most time-consuming thing for me after seeing a customer was drawing up the windows or doors they wanted onto a piece of paper or quote form, scanning and emailing it off to my supplier and then waiting for 24 hours for them to come back to me before typing and sending the quote to the customer,” said Nathan. “It was a laborious process and took up about 50 per cent of my time.

“But with Easy Connect I can show them visual images of all products and instantly price the windows there and then, leave it with them and go back to the office and focus on the next job in hand.

“Being a small business also means I haven’t had access to hugely expensive software or elaborate ways to present quotes, but thanks to Easy Connect the quotes I’m sending out are rivalling the larger national firms in terms of the way they are presented, so it has elevated the whole process that the customer sees to being much better than before I started using Easy Connect.

“I think for businesses of my size the time Easy Connect saves is a massive benefit.”

Listers Managing Director Steve Gardiner said: “Easy Connect has changed the sales dynamic between the customer, making it easy for them to better visualise what they are ordering, and we are delighted to hear that Premier Windows have benefitted from the seamless ordering process it provides.”

For a demonstration of the software visit where you can view videos and testimonials relating to Easy Connect.

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