Epwin Window Systems’ hardware brand Safeware has just announced an impressive 12% growth in year-on-year turnover. Paul Hinds, National Sales Manager for Safeware, commented: “Safeware makes ordering hardware easy. In a world where everyone’s increasingly short of time, it’s a big bonus for our customers. The strength of this offering is reflected in our growing sales figures as more customers tap into the benefits that Safeware delivers.”

Whilst the headline achievement is obvious, what sits behind that growth is important.

Because Safeware is an Epwin Window Systems brand, fabricators can order their profile and hardware on the same order and have them arrive on the same delivery. It streamlines their administration, accounting and goods inwards processes and saves valuable time.

Equally as important is system compatibility. When fabricators order from Safeware they can be confident that all products are compatible with Epwin Window Systems’ brands Profile 22, Spectus and Swish for total peace of mind.  The range includes branded locks, hinges, handles, stays, cylinders, vents and furniture at all price points for all Epwin Window Systems’ product variations. Every item in the range offers exceptional reliability, quality, aesthetics and value. When correctly specified, they also comply with Document Q, hold the Secured by Design accreditation and all relevant BSI Kitemarks for complete peace of mind.

Safeware maintains high stock levels at its Telford distribution warehouse and offers rapid delivery so there’s no need to worry about product availability or delays to schedules.  And there is dedicated specialist hardware support on hand if fabricators have any queries at any stage.

After rapid year-on-year growth, 2019 shows no sign of slowing down.  Paul commented: “The Safeware business is a key part of the Epwin Window Systems offer, and we’re continually evaluating the products we offer to ensure we meet the current and future demands of our customers. There are some exciting additions to our product range to come during 2019 which will give Safeware new opportunities to further grow its hardware sales”.

In short, if you want a hardware partner that adds value, Safeware is the answer. And as its sales growth shows, it’s something increasing numbers of Epwin Window Systems’ fabricators are recognising.