2019 has got off to a good start for Freefoam customers, with the addition of Square and Ogee gutter in the popular Anthracite Grey colour option, to help them gain market share in a growing sector. Designed to complement the existing Round and Deep gutter systems and manufactured to Ral No. 2016 the ranges offer an exact match to door and window systems, giving customers the range to satisfy the growing demands of homeowners and developers.

The choice of colour for windows, doors and roofline is now on average nearly 30% of sales, with some window companies seeing sales of over 50% in colour – and growing. Homeowners buying high end dramatic grey windows and doors do not want the standard white roofline  – they want everything to match. Which is why Freefoam made a strategic move into manufacturing the complete roofline range in Anthracite Grey.

Freefoam’s approach is to help every company in the supply chain sell more and grow faster than the competition. And our approach is working. Freefoam customers Alan Sutherland, Managing Director of General Building Plastics explains: “There’s been an increasing demand for colour, but the biggest growth has been in the last three to four years. Greys are the most popular now, particularly anthracite grey, and most customers want a full suite of colour matched products, which Freefoam does very well!”

Discerning homeowners want the complete solution, so Freefoam also manufacture a wide range of PVC fascia and soffit in Anthracite Grey providing a suite of colour roofline products. With most colours available off the shelf or on short lead times Freefoam customers have access to all the products they need to meet the demands of today’s consumers and gain valuable market share.

Colin St John, Freefoam Commercial Director, summarised “These new additions to our gutter range are a great example of how we continually introduce products to maximise the success of our customers. Providing a grey rainwater and roofline range will give customers opportunities with housebuilders and big ticket refurbishment projects and illustrates our commitment to helping our customers grow”