Decision-makers from Britain’s busiest airport are heading for May’s FIT Show, and Worthing installer Newview played a crucial role in getting them there.

For years, Newview has been one of the leading fulfillers of Heathrow’s noise reduction window scheme.

MD Michele Wietscher has developed close ties with the airport’s senior team – and when they wanted advice on how to better engage with the British window industry, they turned to her for help.

“Heathrow’s ongoing expansion is big business in the South East – and, fantastically, airport managers have a long-standing commitment to ensuring British SMEs benefit from that growth,” Michele explains.

“I’ve attended several Heathrow-run events designed to encourage smaller businesses to get involved in the airport supply chain, but unfortunately they’ve often struggled to attract fenestration companies.

“Eventually, Heathrow approached us and fellow noise reduction scheme-suppliers Nationwide for our input.

“They wanted to know how they could better engage with UK glass and glazing, and we gave them a very simple answer – go to the FIT Show.

“Each year, it attracts thousands of window industry professionals from all over the country and would provide the perfect opportunity for Heathrow to increase its exposure.

“I said it assuming that they’d laugh off the suggestion – but much to my surprise, they loved the idea.”

From the 21st to the 23rd of May, Heathrow’s stand will bring together key airport personnel and potential suppliers, as part of its ongoing efforts to deliver its quieter homes scheme.

“It’s great news for UK fenestration that a huge international player like Heathrow is taking such an active interest in our sector,” Michele concludes. “I’m delighted they’ll be coming to the FIT Show, and that dozens of glazing businesses could benefit as a result!”

In addition to its large-scale residential and commercial installation work, Newview also operates a Worthing trade counter open to builders and installers across the South East.

The company is able to supply a huge range of windows, doors and roofing and roofline products at excellent trade prices.

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