Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions has credited its new Lantern 2.0 for helping the business achieve exceptional sales in the first quarter of 2019. Atlas Q1 figures were up by 26% on last year, with the incredible growth driven by high demand for the lantern.

“The Atlas Lantern 2.0 is the best lantern available on the market today, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that sales are flying and we couldn’t be happier about it,” says Gareth Thomas, sales and marketing director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions. “This is the slimmest, lightest, finest looking and most thermally efficient lantern that we’ve ever created and our first quarter figures prove that these are exactly the qualities that homeowners and installers want in a lantern.

“We put all our engineering and design expertise into creating this new generation roof lantern, which is the slimmest non-bonded roof in the industry. It has certainly raised the bar both in looks and performance, but where this lantern stands head and shoulders above any other system is just how quick and easy it is to fit – and you just can’t underestimate how important that is for installers who need to maximise their time on site to boost their profit margins. With such a brilliant first three months behind us, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for Atlas and our customers.”

One of the first customers to sell the new Atlas lantern was Bridgend-based Lumina Design and, as a leading national online supplier of glazed roof products, the firm is selling an average of 50 of them a month.

Justin Stone, managing director at Lumina Design, says: “We’re really impressed with the new Lantern 2.0 from Atlas. It’s slimmer, neater and more contemporary than anything else out there and everyone agrees that it’s the best looking lantern they’ve seen. We sell to the trade and the DIY homeowner, so it’s vital that our products are very straightforward to fit and the new Atlas lantern couldn’t be easier. I say if a customer can put together a piece of flat pack furniture then they can definitely install an Atlas lantern – it’s that simple.”


With the new Lantern added to its portfolio, Lumina is on course to achieve year on year growth of at least 15% this year. “This is our sixth year in business and our sustained growth during that time is in no small part down to our partnership with Atlas and the products they make,” adds Justin. “We’re selling more Atlas roofs than ever before and that’s because homeowners are now asking for Atlas by name. They see Atlas roofs in showrooms and in other people’s houses and they simply don’t want anything else. They think it’s the best out there and we do too!”

Atlas re-mastered its industry-leading lantern to create the new Lantern 2.0. It features a fully aluminium, thermally broken ringbeam, which has been reduced in size by 55% to make it lighter, better looking and more thermally efficient than ever. The new lantern also incorporates a refined ridge topcap, which is 25% thinner than before, to achieve incredibly slim sightlines when viewed from below. The height of the ridge top cap has also been trimmed by nearly 50%, making it much less obtrusive from the outside.

For a neat appearance, the internal ridge, transom rafters and hips are the same 40mm width and, unlike some alternative systems, there are no boss or hoods to intrude on the roof’s super-slim ridge. It is also one of the strongest glazed roofing systems available and, despite its ample glazing, it delivers outstanding thermal performance. The ridge and rafters feature a thermal break to prevent cold air from penetrating to the inside of the rafter. The rafter is more thermally efficient than its nearest rival and can achieve a U-value of up to 0.9 W/m2k with triple glazing.

Visitors to the FIT Show can see the new Atlas Lantern 2.0 on stand L20.

For further information, please contact Atlas on or phone 02838 327741.