A brand-new collection of Highline window controls is the latest arrival to strengthen the Window Ware product range, delivering a wide choice of flexible, cost-effective solutions for operating windows and roof vents that are high up or hard to reach.

Highline’s mix-and-match modular components make it simple to achieve exactly the level of open/close functionality you need to work almost any type or size of window, including roof vents, top-, bottom- or side-hung casements, louvre and horizontal pivot windows and domes. Whether you prefer to turn the handle on traditional manual winding gear, work your windows no sweat with electric actuators or automate the whole process with a sensor-activated window control system that maintains an optimum temperature and even shuts the windows when it rains, Window Ware stocks a cost-effective set-up to suit.

Window control systems are extensively used in public buildings like school, libraries, halls and hospitals to create natural ventilation indoors, supplying fresh air and allowing excess heat, smells and carbon dioxide to escape. The result is an altogether more airy, healthy and comfortable environment.

New offering, seasoned expertise

Window Ware’s business development manager for the aluminium and commercial sector, Rich Fraser comments, “We’re able to really hit the ground running with our new Highline products. From the get-go, our customers will have access to well-established product know-how and practical expertise. Even though this range of window control products is new to Window Ware, I’ve actually been selling and supporting these systems for over 20 years. What’s more, those 2 decades of supplying window control solutions have given me ample time to build a really strong partnership with the Highline team, so our customers will be able to tap into an even larger pool of knowledge and a highly-resourced extended support network!”

The Highline window controls range joins Window Ware’s extensive collection of window and door hardware, factory tools and consumables from leading brands such as Yale, Maco, Trojan and Xpert. In total, Window Ware offers over 6,500 unique products, 97% of which are available with Window Ware’s renowned next-day delivery. The Bedfordshire-firm was recently awarded the ‘Service Excellence’ award at the 2018 SME Bedfordshire Business Awards, along with a nomination for ‘Customer Care Initiative of the Year’ at the G18 Awards.

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