After months of testing the concept in the market to ensure that there is interest, and of course that the product delivers on the essentials: quality and performance, the Icospan flat roof solution will soon be officially launched.

Icospan is manufactured using the standard Icotherm roof system design, consisting of pre-built bespoke pods with EPS insulation; the pods are installed at a maximum of 600mm centres. Maximum projection is 4000mm, and the maximum lantern size it can accept is 5000mm x 2500mm. For improved drainage the roof is designed with a set fall.

“The time we have spent testing the product has taught us that the best way to supply this system is in its ‘naked’ form, ie without a waterproof / rubber membrane, allowing the installer to apply the solution they are most comfortable working with,” says Anne-Marie Busch, Marketing Manager.

To ensure that the roof meets the requirements of the room a base plan is always required so that openings (bi-folds, etc.) can be accounted for in the design.