Different areas of the glass industry have distinct characteristics that give them the edge over the competition. Manufacturers, for example, are most likely to be chosen for their quality and availability of core product, adaptability to bespoke jobs, and ability to deliver. Some of these factors may be more important to some customers than others, but there is one thing that drives us all, no matter where we are in the supply chain; cost. Cost of raw materials, cost of workers, cost of production, all of these facts and figures have to be taken into consideration before quoting up a job. Estimate it too low and you may secure yourself the job, but at what price? Go in too high and it could cost you the sale…


Aztec Glass has chosen this year’s FIT Show to official launch the software solution that can do just that. Clarity Air offers a ‘personalised, crisp and clear workspace that reflects the way your business works’. And, for businesses that in the past have had to tailor their processes to their chosen software, and incorporate lengthy work-arounds into their daily ordering, Gareth Eyers and the team at Aztec Glass have designed Clarity Air to be a totally organic piece of software that adapts to you, and not the other way around.

Gareth comments: “Every glass company is unique, so it seems strange that they would all get the best outcome from an identical software application. We wanted to provide a totally bespoke, streamlined solution that evolves as you use it.

“This begins with the product list, where, rather than having to download entire catalogues, each with their own dimensions, availability, and pricing structure, the software has been designed specifically so that the user only has the ones they need and nothing more. A product is only added to your version of Clarity Air as you need it; customising your own catalogue continually. In addition, you can add the cost price of each product as you pay your supplier, and as you sell it to a customer, because as we all know, not every customer buys or sells at the same price.”

But that’s not all, Clarity Air can be used to order remakes, control and monitor stock levels, manage accounts, monitor productivity, even assess how many employees are on the rota, and how busy they are, right up to load weight on a vehicle and where it will be transported to; just about any factor you would need to take into consideration when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of glass.


All of the above adds up to the same thing and that’s being able to efficiently price up a job, that is both attractive to the customer and profitable for the business. That’s why Clarity Air also features Beat-a-Quote, which allows the user to instantly reprice any quotation or work order, while showing potential profits or projected losses (per department). This is worked out by estimating the cheapest price you can sell glass based on size of unit, energy usage, raw materials, component cost, cutting, labelling, and anything else you would like to factor into the system.

Gareth continues: “Clarity Air has been designed to make every day easier, every quote more accurate, and every job simpler to process and complete, so that you can move onto the next one. Software should take the stress out of the process, and not be a burden on the business or the user, either financially or by impacting their daily routine, by taking up time and testing their patience. By hosting Clarity Air remotely, Clarity Air requires just 2MB to run, boots up in seconds, and can be easily accessed on-site if required, as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. From your sales teams on the road, to your site surveyors, you are always connected with the help of cloud technology, plus any issues can be solved quickly by our expert team through online support, or if you prefer, just give us a call.”