There are many terms bandied around to describe the latest roof solution offered to the home improvement market: solid roof, warm roof, tiled roof, lightweight roof…or some combination.

The ‘solid roof’ offering seems to be an unusual medley, with some systems using aluminium frames, sometimes mixing it with timber to ensure it performs, traditional timber only systems, and all using a variety of insulation methods to achieve required U-Values. Because we all seem determined to do one better over the other with our U-values, throwing them around as the ultimate decider.

Don’t get me wrong, these U-values need to meet the legal requirements, but at Icotherm we believe the real consideration should be addressing cold bridging, and condensation (which will only appear months after the installation is finished).

Because the end proposition is simple: putting a roof on a single-storey extension. And because these rooms are primarily made of glazed frames, the roof must be lightweight. The homeowner trusts us to do our jobs right, by manufacturing and installing a fit-for purpose end-product. And that is what Icotherm focuses on; designing the best possible roof for the homeowner and the installer.