Panoramic Group has launched its new Floating Integral Blind system, a highly innovative new product that allows users to manoeuvre the blinds from both the top and the bottom of the unit, providing a much more precise level of adjustment than any other offering on the market, at a much lower price point and with super-fast lead times.

Unique to the Panoramic Group, the new manually operated floating integral blinds may well be a more cost-effective option than other integral blind systems on the market, but that is not at the expense of quality. In fact, Panoramic is producing them with warm edge spacer and Planitherm 4S Glass, which combines market leading solar control and thermal insulating properties to reflect 56% of unwanted heat in summer months and ensure 63% less heat loss compared to ordinary double glazing.

Available initially in white or grey but with more colours to be introduced as the product develops, all units will be manufactured in the Group’s Northampton based glass processing facility, Pano Glass, alongside the company’s new state-of-the art ‘switchable’ offering, on a rapid 10-day lead time from point of order to delivery. Panoramic Group will be taking orders from mid-July 2019.

Panoramic Group chairman, Alan Rees, commented: “Our customers love integral blinds, but we know they are less enthusiastic when it comes to how much they cost and how long they take to produce, plus they also dislike the plastic around the side and the top which can interrupt the view.

“So, we listened to these comments, and now, after many months of development, we have a product that addresses all three points,” Alan continued. “Up until recently, the only Venetian or pleated blinds available on the UK market were operated from the top down – with our Floating Blinds, you can control from both the top and bottom of the unit, enabling you to position them precisely as you want them, to allow natural light in, but block off direct sunlight.”

Panoramic Group integral Floating Blinds will be bespoke and made to order, ranging in size from 150mm x 250mm to 1,000mm x 1,950mm with larger options becoming available in the coming months.

For more information and to see a video of the new Floating Blinds in action, visit: