GGFi, the glazing industry’s leading insurance broker and Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) provider, has further improved its customer service offer with the introduction of a paperless option, with policy documents delivered via email to homeowners following completion of a secure link process.

GGFi Head of Operations, Frank Allain, explains: “These days email and digital communication is the first choice of contact for the majority of homeowners so we have responded accordingly. For policyholders for whom we have an email address, we offer the option to email their documentation which means they receive the material almost immediately and will always have their policy available – no more paperwork being lost or accidentally thrown away.”

The online function is a secure process for everyone involved and requires the policyholder to validate their email address by clicking on a secure link, following which their policy documents will be emailed to them automatically. Documents will continue to be sent via post should homeowners prefer it.

GGFi sends out more than 200,000 policies per year and moving to an online model will have a significant, positive environmental effect for the business. Frank Allain continues, “GGFi strives to be as sustainable a business as possible. Moving to an online model provides us with the perfect opportunity to do just that whilst simultaneously improving service levels for our policy holders and customers alike.”

GGF Commercial Group Managing Director, Anda Gregory, “This is a fantastic new initiative for GGFi to implement and one which will prove to be extremely popular for all concerned and further enhances the GGFi position as an industry leader. It’s just one initiative out of many that we have planned throughout 2019 and we are incredibly excited about what we have in store during the next 6 months.”

GGFi Head of Operations, Frank Allain, is available for interview upon request