The Managing Director of the UK fenestration market’s leading hardware distributor has said that smart technology will be the big topic at the 2019 Glazing Summit.

With the agenda now revealed, Sam Nuckey of Window Ware is delighted that smart technology will be part of the debate on the future of the glass and glazing industry.

“The big topic will definitely be around smart tech,” commented Sam, “and we’ve already seen that become a hot topic across the industry as new products are being brought to market and they are definitely more focussed on the fabricator rather than just purely and primarily for the consumer.”

The Glazing Summit takes place on Thursday, September 12 at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, Birmingham, with more than 400 fabricators, installers and suppliers expected to attend.

Andrew Scott, the founder of the Glazing Summit and CEO of glazing industry specialists Insight Data and Purplex Marketing, commented: “The future of the glass and glazing market will have a number of key drivers and the main one will be smart technology.”

Which new products are likely to spearhead growth and profit? What impact will smart technology have on the industry? How do fabricators and installers evolve to meet the challenges? All these questions will be answered and more.

Window Ware partnered with the Glazing Summit last year and is on board again.

“The Glazing Summit gave everybody across the supply chain an opportunity to think about their businesses away from the day-to-day and consider how they fit into the industry today and in the future,” explained Sam.

“It’s really important to have a platform for people to go and have an interactive debate and learn and share information that they can take back into their business.”

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