Icotherm recently launched its own version of a hybrid solid roof, Icoview.

Marketing Manager Anne-Marie Busch comments: “We didn’t hurry this product to market, but instead looked at the options opened to us to improve on existing solutions, and offer something unique to Icotherm”

Icoview incorporates fixed double-glazed units, allowing for maximum lighting and a contemporary feel and designed it around the same pod option used for our original Icoroof. This means that you will install your roof in the normal way, situating the glazing pods as per the roof plan, and glaze once the structure is up.

Aesthetically, a point we focused on was to make the external look more seamless. We had considered having the glazing bar tiled over, but upon consulting with our customers we realised that, despite the most pleasing appearance, it would be the most difficult to service should the glazed unit ever fail. So instead we opted for the powder coated aluminium glazing bars to be in line with the tiling.

The Icoview option is available with glazed units of up to 3000 x 800mm and can be supplied in single units or two units side by side. For double units you will receive a double pod, with an integrated GluLam beam between the two. This beam provides additional strength and will give the ceiling a modern feel when left exposed. The glazing tracks and gaskets are preinstalled for ease, ready for the unit. All units must be squared edge.

Icoview will fit most standard Icotherm roof system sizes but will require a check of roof loading calculation for compliance.

ABOUT ICOTHERM: Icotherm Roof Systems is a trading name of Iconservatories Limited. Icotherm Roof Systems designs and manufactures a range of timber framed warm roof solutions for the trade. Our most popular solution, Icoroof – a pitched roof, has sold in the thousands since its inception in 2014.

For further information contact Anne-Marie at marketing@icotherm.co.uk, or visit www.icotherm.co.uk, 01204 773040