FENSA, the glazing industry’s leading competent person scheme is set to help spearhead Building Our Skills (BOS) ‘Inspiring The Future’ campaign launched to introduce Fenestration to schools and colleges.

The campaign is one of a number being championed by the BOS team, who are delighted to be joining forces with FENSA. Building Our Skills ambassador, John Ogilvie takes up the story:

“When we first set up Building Our Skills we established there was a distinct need to spread the word ‘Fenestration’ across all areas, far-and-wide and as quickly, as possible. Most importantly to outline what makes the Fenestration industry great and the career opportunities available to young people.

“BOS established a working relationship with the Department of Education, namely the Education and Employers organisation and adopted its national campaign – ‘Inspiring The Future’.

“The campaign encourages people from any industry to volunteer and commit to a minimum of one hour of their time, each year to visit a school or college local to them and talk to children about their job roles, career experiences and the industry they work – inspiring children to think about their own career choices and encouraging them to consider Fenestration.

“We are delighted that FENSA has agreed to help head up this campaign. As, a leading brand in the industry it is ideally placed having the advantage of already being recognised by consumers, the level at which the BOS campaign wishes to be established in the future. We know parents are big influencers on their children’s career decisions, and knowing FENSA as a trustworthy brand will bring added credibility to BOS and its growth in this area.”

GGF Commercial Group MD, Anda Gregory, “The Building Our Skills initiative is fantastic news for the glazing industry and FENSA is delighted to be supporting the ‘Inspiring The Future’ campaign. We’re taking the skills shortage threatening the sector very seriously, so any opportunity to bang the drum about what a fulfilling and rewarding career the industry can provide is a natural fit for FENSA. Building Our Skills is a campaign for the whole industry, and we’re committed to playing our part.”

FENSA Director of Membership, Chris Beedel, “Building Our Skills is a perfect match for FENSA. We are incredibly passionate about helping to find the next generation of glazing professionals and it’s part of our drive to continually find new installers, and one day welcome them into the FENSA community. We’re committed to raising standards across the industry and if we can help educate young children, teenagers, graduates, and young adults as part of this campaign it will go a long way to achieving that goal.”

‘Inspiring the Future’ campaign enables any individual from any company, in any area which is involved in the Fenestration industry to get involved.

Simply visit www.buildingourskills.co.uk or sign in to the installer portal on www.fensa.org to register your interest in committing one hour of your time to help raise awareness of the Fenestration Industry in the education sector.