A poll conducted at this year’s Glazing Summit made for some interesting reading, with more than half of those in attendance stating that the state of the market in 2019 is no worse than 2018.

While 24% of visitors to the one-day conference said that it was better than last year.

The results were revealed by the Glazing Summit after a successful event at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference centre which saw almost 350 industry leaders come together to discuss the challenges the industry faces.

Organisers Purplex Marketing and Insight Data used Slido, the online Q&A and polling app, which allowed attendees to take part in several polls and pose questions for those on stage through their smartphone.

“It was really interesting to see that only 25% of people said that in their opinion the state of the market in 2019 is down on last year, considering Brexit has provided a lot of uncertainty,” commented Andrew Scott, Glazing Summit founder and CEO of Purplex and Insight Data.

“Brexit has painted a picture of negativity over the whole country, whatever the industry, so it’s great to see that our industry has shown a lot of positivity.

“At next year’s Glazing Summit, we’ll conduct another poll to see how people see the state of the market next year – and I’m sure the results will be equally interesting.”

A total of 25 expert and keynote speakers took to the stage during the day, with 23 big-name sponsors backing an event that was trending on Twitter throughout the day.

Glazing Summit 2020 will take place next October at the same venue, with the date to be announced. For more information, visit