Verge Wizard, the universal dry verge system from Swish Building Products is now available in black. The new, black unit joins the popular grey and brown colours, all in UV stable polypropylene, allowing you to create matching or contrasting details that look sleek and stylish.

Verge Wizard has a simple, time saving “flex-and-clip” fitting method that takes the strain out of installation and makes wet-fix edge detailing a thing of the past. Verge Wizard weaves its magic, closing the gap between roof tiles and wall or bargeboard and acts as a durable fixing element for a wide range of roof tiles.

Historically, roof verges were fill-fixed with mortar, bringing all the long-term problems of deterioration through cracking, harsh weather and natural movement that inevitably lead to high maintenance costs.

Verge Wizard does away with all these problems by creating a durable, weather resistant verge capping that makes the roof look better and perform better, year in, year out.

It is Building Regs compliant and was the first verge closure system to be independently tested by the BBA to conform with BS 8612 dry-fixed ridge, hip and verge systems for slating and tiling.

The Verge Wizard system comprises of a universal verge unit that fixes on left or right-hand verge edges. There’s a starter unit with integral gutter rebate for accurate alignment; ridge caps in round or angled profile and stainless-steel batten end clips for long term durability.

You can wave the Verge Wizard wand at both new-build and refurb projects and watch it make your roofline detail something spectacular– as if by magic.

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