Icotherm Roof Systems has reached the 5 years milestone, a feat for a company that started with just 3 people.

Originally only supplying what is now known as the Icoroof – our standard pitched roof, Icotherm now also offers solid roof options to suit all needs and tastes: Ico600, low pitch solution with a unique contemporary roof covering, Icoview, our very own hybrid roof and Icospan, the flat roof option, ideal for orangeries.

Our success has not come to us on a plate, comments Anne-Marie Busch, Marketing Manager. We have invested heavily both in design and testing to ensure our roof systems perform efficiently, both thermally and structurally. Our complete range of roofs is building control compliant to make the installer and the homeowner’s life easier.

2019 has seen the introduction of high-quality POS material support, with a brand-new lifestyle brochure and hand-out, fantastic imagery, all to support our efforts to reposition our brand image to be more appealing to the homeowner market.

We are proud to say that our customer base in one that values quality and performance, which allows them to sell true added value, and that our efforts are attracting the attention of strong retail names.

In 2020 we will carry on with this effort, and bring yet more POS material, a new website, and maybe a thing or two that we cannot yet mention…

ABOUT ICOTHERM: Icotherm Roof Systems is a trading name of Iconservatories Limited. Icotherm Roof Systems designs and manufactures a range of timber framed warm roof solutions for the trade. Our most popular solution, Icoroof – the pitched roof, has sold in the thousands since its inception in 2014.

For further information contact Anne-Marie at marketing@icotherm.co.uk, or visit www.icotherm.co.uk, 01204 773040