Lincolnshire based window and door manufacturer, HS Trade, has revealed that it has benefitted from an increase in the capacity of its composite door offering, combined with less stock holding and a saving in labour costs, since signing up for Distinction Doors’ prepped product service at the start of the year.

HS Trade has been a customer of Distinction Doors for 10 years, and while the company has always praised its long-standing composite door supplier for the high standard of its product and service, it says the decision to switch to prepped doors has not only greatly improved efficiencies and reduced cost, but has in turn helped to further improve the service offering to its own customers.

Michael Gromett, owner of HS Trade, commented: “We had a discussion with the Distinction team and came to the conclusion that if we took advantage of the company’s prepped service it would allow us a hassle free option to offer glazed and edge-banded doors, as well as increase the capacity of our door division in the process.

“It was a decision that has really paid dividends,” he continued. “The composite door sector is an increasingly competitive one, but this is the reason that we have always sourced our products from Distinction Doors. The overall service from Distinction is excellent, from the online ordering process, all the way to delivery, and the fact that our doors are now supplied glazed and edge-banded has made it even easier for us to offer the best composite door in the marketplace.”

Distinction has reported that sales of its prepped doors, supplied complete with its high-quality glazed units, have seen a significant increase across 2019, a result of more customers taking advantage of its full prepping, painting and glazing facilities. The leading composite door specialist, which introduced its own range of exclusive glazing units three years ago, has recently increased shifts and invested in equipment in order to meet current and future demand.