The auto firing multi-point lock, SUREFIRE, from security experts ERA, has helped Force 8, a leading window and door manufacturer to offer their customers a superior range of composite doors.

Dennis Sumner, Force 8’s Managing Director explains:

“ERA’s SUREFIRE 3-latch system provides enhanced stability. The last thing customers need is to find locks seizing into keeps, which can occur on single-latch options if a composite door bows. I’d highly recommend ERA’s SUREFIRE multi-point lock because it’s secure and simple to use and easy to fit. To eradicate the bowing of composite doors we have introduced a more highly reinforced door slab, and brought in a heat-resistant paint.”

SUREFIRE delivers effortless multi-point locking: simply close the door to fire all locking points and turn a key to deadlock. The effortless functionality of SUREFIRE coupled with clever design, ensures that doors fitted with SUREFIRE  will always be pulled into the correct position, avoiding issues associated with misalignment, resulting in reduced calls backs.

The versatility of SUREFIRE for timber and composite doors combined with the option to have a different gearbox position, depending on the style of the door, delivers maximum security and effortless door operation.

A concealed motor can be added or retro-fitted to any SUREFIRE, this can then be used alongside an access control device/ system to transform the mechanical MPL into an electro-mechanical motorised solution.

SUREFIRE not only delivers many levels of security, including anti-jemmy hooks, anti-saw protection and three stainless steel latches, it also improves the overall performance of the door by aligning the door, and sealing it firmly against the frame every time.

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