Most PVCu systems houses are defined by profile shape and colour and while that’s also true for The Residence Collection, they are also expressed through premium hardware, exclusive finishes and a consumer facing brand that delivers value, enquiries and strong commercial returns for the trade.

The launch of The Residence Collection has re-defined the way in which systems houses are viewed and indeed in the way that windows and doors are sold. Historically it was only the big national and vertically integrated brands that could build brand awareness on a national scale. But they’ve proven that with three pioneering window and door systems in the form of R2, R7 and R9, that they can do the same, particularly with social media where they are now a recognised and trusted brand by consumers with a similar reach to the likes of AGA and Wren Kitchens.

But their way of thinking is new too, very much in the form of a design house and so that’s why they’ve developed their own premium hardware with unique finishes  including monkey tail and pear drop handles, along with traditional pegs and stays. There’s also the Radlington deep nose cill, an industry first back in 2016 and traditional butt hinges for both windows and doors, along with a range of ancillaries from sister-brand Window Widgets.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ‘There are several reasons why hundreds of different installation companies trust, promote and install our products and it’s ultimately about the way in which we innovate in terms of product development and creating the ultimate consumer brand.

She continued: ‘As consumers we all wear brands and for leading installation companies, they too wear various brands. But we are arguably the only systems house that develops a complete hardware and ancillary range, so whatever the manufacturing partner, each window and door that carries our name looks the same and that’s ultimately what defines us as a business.’

For further information please visit and You can request a free brochure pack including the new My Residence Magazine via e-mail at or by calling 01452 348650. You can also add to their following on Twitter @residence9 and engage with them on other social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.