The next generation of aluminium bi-fold, folding sliding door has arrived from Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems.  Designed with demanding specifications in mind including industry leading door leaf weights and widths, slim sightlines, high security ratings and contemporary styling.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Glazing

The view out of the FSDX door offers the homeowner that little bit eXtra. With the slimmest sightlines available of 60mm, the doors maximise daylighting into the home.  The maximum width of the doors has been increased allowing door sets over 4m with only 3 doors while achieving uncompromised performance.

Comar FSDX: Superior, stabilised rolling action with the quietest roller in the industry and improved weight bearing capacity means fit once and easy maintenance.  The new outer-frame is a single profile all round, used for the track, jambs and threshold, reducing fabricators’ stock holding. The frame construction is mitred with 2 crimping options: pinned cleats for creating pre-assembled outer frames that can be shipped to site or mechanical cleats allowing outer-frames to be shipped for on-site assembly – a key consideration when larger door sets are to be installed.

Comar FSDX eXtra Roller

The stainless-steel dual roller always keeps perfect contact with the stainless-steel track due to stabilisers, meaning that even if building tolerances cause slight track misalignment the smooth rolling action is ensured.  The weight bearing capacity is a substantial 120Kg which with FSDX’s 62mm glazing pocket allows triple glazed or acoustic glass to be easily incorporated.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Threshold

Superior thermal performance with the integrated stainless-steel track means that low U-values and performance are guaranteed.  The efficient profile design offers threshold, jambs and head all in one. In service the profile is simple for occupants to maintain, reassuring for designers and installers alike by minimising call backs.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Hinges

The new hinge design, duplicated in the roller hinged pillars, thoughtfully includes pre-applied foam pads to give a draught free seal when the doors are closed, increasing home-owner satisfaction and no call backs for the installer.  Gasket detailing between the sliding doors ensures that a long-term weather resistant solution is guaranteed.

Comar FSDX eXtra – Security

Security performance of PAS 24 is assured due to a single piece stainless steel multipoint hook lock with adjustable keeps that provide optimal airtightness.

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